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Who Am I?

I am a wife, Mom, worker, adventurer, runner- but most

of all I am made to serve. I was born and raised in Birmingham,

Alabama. In 2000 I graduated from Auburn University,

and in 2007, from Birmingham School of Law. I later attended

Highlands College, a ministry training school, and graduated from

Roaring Fork Leadership in 2018.

In 2022 I had the incredible honor of stepping onto Town Council

for New Castle. As I dug into the role I began to realize how great

the need is for someone to thoughtfully and carefully steward

Garfield County as we move out of the pandemic years,

and into our future. After thoughtful consideration I have

decided to run for Garfield County Commissioner.

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I commit to listen. We all have different

voices. We have different perspectives. This is what we need in order to work together as we work to shepherd Garfield County into the future.

I commit to open, honest, compassionate communication.

I commit to getting in the weeds of things, so I can learn it well enough to share it with our community.

I commit to continue to grow in my understanding of Garfield County and the communities that call it home.

Taking Care of Our

Families and Workforce

Housing and Transportation

We need a varied approach to address a problem that has many parts. We need to work with our local municipalities to support our residents, no matter where they work. Supporting our community members' needs, like housing and transportation, gives them the foundation to spread their wings, to flourish. This will take everyone involved looking at this issue from every angle possible. New and different perspectives will give us the proper tools to address this crisis in a life-giving way.

Taking Care of Our Environment

Water, Wildlife & Wildfires

We share where we live- from the water we drink, to the trails we explore. We must protect what makes this way of life so valuable to us. Knowing about where our water comes from, where it goes, and everything in between, gives us power as we look to the future. Taking time to learn more about the wildlife we share space with, keeps both us and them safe. Being prepared for the ever changing circumstances means working collaboratively with all our communities to protect our water, care for our wildlife, and be prepared for wildfires, will strengthen Garfield County.

Taking Care of Our Economy

We acknowledge our historic oil & gas industry. We

consider the high value ranching and agriculture bring to Garfield County. Industries like recreational tourism are on the horizon, and we must wisely foster the growth that brings to the area.

Small businesses, owned by friends and family, make our economy all the more unique. Our economic needs go hand in hand with our housing and transportation needs, for as Kris Mattera (Executive Director of the Basalt Chamber of Commerce) noted at the Habitat for Humanity Housing Summit,

"[h]ousing is where a job sleeps at night."

Transparency & Accessibility

We need transparency in our County Commissioners. Garfield County Residents deserve the right to attend meetings that are more respectful of working people’s schedules. We need to be able to trust that our Commissioners aren’t breaking Colorado’s Sunshine Law by attending conferences out of state sponsored by ideological extremists. The residents of Garfield County should be able to easily access critical information from the county website.

As we move forward, addressing the challenges facing our county, I will do so with transparency. As County Commissioner, I will be accountable for making your voice heard and acted upon. It means better availability at meetings. It means better access to commissioners. It means clearing the weeds of government excess and waste so the community can be better informed about the work of conducting the business of your government.

We need to implement a language access plan to ensure inclusivity.

Thinking While Running

When I run, I think. Some of the most clarifying moments of my life

have come while running. Come join me as I run from community to community.

Meeting you and listening to you along the way are the

most important moments of this process.

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Caitlin Carey


Caitlin Carey for Garfield County Commissioner


  • Auburn University, Bachelor's of Science, 2000
  • Birmingham School of Law, Juris Doctorate, 2007
  • Highlands College, Ministry Leadership, 2011-2012
  • Roaring Fork Leadership Academy, 2018


  • Town Councilor, New Castle, Colorado
  • 2-Time Iron-distance Triathlon Finisher
  • Roaring Fork Leadership Academy, Coach
  • Space Camp Alumni
  • Mercedes Marathon Relay Organizer
  • Most importantly- Mom

Serving Garfield County is about serving our neighbors,

by listening, and working together to move forward.

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